Larsen VFX has lived on Bredgade in Copenhagen since 2015.

Our client are mainly production companies and agencies but we also work for brands directly.


We are specialists in post production and process optimization. We advise on workflow and the use of resources on film productions and can produce films for both large and small budgets.

We offer full service – from digilab to distribution of final master and everything in between.


Our team is composed of dedicated people with many years of experience in post production. In addition, we have permanent freelancers, both visual and audio, who are part of the team on a daily basis.


One of our partners is Moving Picture Company in London. It allows you to grade with their skilled colorists, remote in real time, sitting in one of our suites here in Bredgade.


Traffic® is our archive and distribution tool. In Traffic® you can upload your movies, archive them for later use and send them directly from the system. You can use Traffic® whether you have produced here with us or with someone else.

We make an effort to be constantly updated on the various media and platforms and deliver to virtually all media around the world.